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DBJ Rosalina Toy Furniture

Designs by Jane Rosalina Toys

Toy Furniture

Designs by Jane Specializes in bringing you top of the line toy furniture such as doll strollers, doll beds, high chairs and much more!

Wooden Doll Changing Table Cabinet TL60064
Product ID : toy_wood_fur_TL60064
Wooden Doll Cradle TL60062
Product ID : toy_wood_fur_TL60062
Doll Canopy Bed MG9350
Product ID : toy_fur_MG9350
Wooden Doll Bed TL60066
Product ID : toy_wood_fur_TL60066
Pink Polka Dot Double DOLL Stroller MG9618
Product ID : toy_fur_MG9618
Pink Polka Dot Single DOLL Stroller MG9304
Product ID : toy_fur_MG9304
Wooden Doll High Chair TL60065
Product ID : toy_wood_fur_TL60065
Play Iron JY1002E
Product ID : toy_fur_JY1002E