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DBJ Rosalina New Classic Collection

Designs by Jane Rosalina New Classic Collection

White Smocked Bishop Christening Gown AYR 5949CG
Product ID : grl_ayr_5949CG
Orange Palmetto Purple Gingham Smocked Bishop 18 AYR 6270A
Product ID : grl_18_ayr_6270A
Purple Gingham English Smocked Bishop AYRD 5675A
Product ID : grl_ayrd_5675A
Party Crocodile Pink Gingham Blouse and Pants Set 15SU AYR 5362BP2
Product ID : grl_15_su_AYR_5362BP2
Purple Gingham Reversible Romper AYR 4705R PU
Product ID : boy_17_ayr_4705RPU
Orange Palmetto Purple Gingham Romper 18 AYR 6270R
Product ID : boy_18_ayr_6270R
Royal Blue Gingham Reversible Romper AYR 4705R RBLU
Product ID : boy_17_ayr_4705RRBLU
White English Smocked Shortall 15 AYR 5657SA
Product ID : boy_AYR_15_5657SA
Blue Gingham Ready-to-Smock Romper AYR 5632RBL
Product ID : boy_ayr_rts_5632RBL
Pink English Smocked White Girl Daygown 17SP AYR 5921DGG
Product ID : grl_17_sp_ayr_5921DGG
Red Gingham Ready-to-Smock Romper AYR 5632RRED
Product ID : boy_rts_ayr_5632RRED
Blue Gingham Knicker 17SP AYR 6057KBL
Product ID : grl_17_sp_ayr_6057KBL
Mint Green Gingham Ready-to-Smock Bishop AYR 5844AMGR
Product ID : grl_rts_ayr_5844AMGR
Pink Gingham Ready-to-Smock Bishop AYR 5844APNK
Product ID : grl_rts_ayr_5844APNK
Purple Gingham Ready-to-Smock Bishop AYR 5844APUR
Product ID : grl_rts_ayr_5844APUR
Navy Blue Gingham Girl Bubble with Collar 17 AYR 5374BUG NVY
Product ID : grl_17_sp_ayr_5374BUGNVY
Pink Gingham Knicker with RicRac AYR 4730K PKG
Product ID : grl_ayr_4730K PKG
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