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DBJ Rosalina Girls Spring & Summer Collection

Designs by Jane Rosalina Girls Spring & Summer

White Dress w/Lace AYRD 3269A
Product ID : grl_ayrd_10_3269A
Under the Sea Blue Gingham Polkadot Smocked Bishop 14SP 4995A
Product ID : grl_14_sp_4995A
Ivory Camelia Embroidered Dress AYR 2845A
Product ID : grl_ayr_08_2845A
White Embroidered Lawn Cloth Dress AYR 2978A
Product ID : grl_ayr_2978A
Pink Gingham Birthday Smocked Bishop 12SS 4276A
Product ID : grl_12_ss_4276A
White Smocked Bishop Christening Gown 17AYR 5949CG
Product ID : grl_17_ayr_5949CG
Blue Floral Smocked Bishop 16SU 5598A
Product ID : grl_16_su_5598A
Emilia White Hand Embroidered Dress with Pleats AYRD 3308A
Product ID : grl_ayrd_3308A
Jesse Pink Plaid Angel Sleeve Smocked Bishop 16SP 5717A
Product ID : grl_16_sp_5717A
Turquoise Seersucker Smocked Sundress 17SP 5945SD
Product ID : grl_17_sp_5945SD
Confetti Lt. Aqua Smocked Bishop 16SU 5597A
Product ID : grl_16_su_5597A
Orange Palmetto Purple Gingham Smocked Bishop 18 AYR 6270A
Product ID : grl_18_ayr_6270A