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DBJ Rosalina 15" Doll Dresses

DBJ Rosalina 8
15" Doll Dresses

White & Blue Smocked Doll Supot with Bonnet 15" 601WB
Product ID : toy_dd_601WB
Doll Bishop Supot & Bonnet White or Pink AYR 1166
Product ID : toy_dd_ayr_1166
Pink Doll Dress Smocked Daygown AYR 10SS 3427DDPK
Product ID : toy_dd_ayr_10_ss_3427DDPK
White Pima Cotton Doll Dress Smocked Daygown AYR 10SS 3427DDWH
Product ID : toy_dd_ayr_10_ss_3427DDWH
Turtle Trio Lt. Blue Smocked Doll Dress 16SU 5744DD
Product ID : toy_dd_16_su_5744DD
Flower Polkadot Aqua Doll Dress 5204DD
Product ID : toy_dd_5204DD
Pink Doll Dress with 3 Bouillon White Pinafore 4543DD
Product ID : toy_dd_13_ss_4543DD
White Doll Bishop with Pink Geometric Smocking & Bonnet 042DDDB WH/PK
Product ID : toy_dd_ayr_042DDDB WH/PK
White on White Smocked Doll Bishop & Bonnet 1229DD
Product ID : toy_dd_ayr_1229DDDB
White or Blue Smocked Doll Bishop & Bonnet Set AYR 1908
Product ID : toy_dd_1908
Anchors Aweigh White & Blue Smocked Doll Dress 16SU 5738DD
Product ID : toy_dd_16_su_5738DD
Green Gingham Kelly Doll Bishop AYRD 2715DD
Product ID : toy_dd_ayrd_2715DD
Pink Gingham Smocked Doll Bishop with Optional Bonnet 2115DD
Product ID : toy_dd_2115DD
Red Gingham Smocked Roses Doll Bishop AYR 2628DD
Product ID : toy_dd_2628DD
Red Lobster Aqua Gingham Smocked Doll Dress with RicRac 15SU 5437DD
Product ID : toy_dd_15_su_5437DD
White Beige Floral Lace Smocked Doll Dress 15SP 5592DDBEI
Product ID : toy_dd_15_sp_5592DDBEI
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