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100% Cotton!

Designs by Jane Rosalina Boys Spring & Summer

White Embroidered Lawn Cloth Dress AYR 2978A
Product ID : grl_ayr_2978A
Corinne Baby Dress 100% Cotton AYR 5250D
Product ID : grl_ayr_5250D
White Pima Cotton Dress Rose Smocking AYRD 3447A
Product ID : grl_ayr_10_3447A
White Pima Cotton Bishop Daygown Smocked Dress AYR 3427C
Product ID : grl_ayr_10_ss_3427C
Bullion Roses White Pima Daygown AYR 4044A
Product ID : grl_12_ss_AYR_4044A
Pink Daygown with Bonnet 100% Cotton AYR 3382B
Product ID : grl_ayr_3382B
Flared Wild Flower Royal Blue Smocked Sundress 100% Cotton 16SU 5725SD
Product ID : grl_16_su_5725SD
Pink Bishop Supot with Bonnet 100% Cotton AYR 3386B
Product ID : grl_ayr_09_3386B
Pink Bubble with Bonnet 100% Cotton AYR 3384A
Product ID : grl_ayr_3384A
Preppy Poodles Pink Smocked Girl Bubble 100% Cotton 16SP 5711BUG
Product ID : grl_16_sp_5711BUG
White Bubble with Bonnet 100% Cotton AYRD 3384B
Product ID : grl_ayrd_3384B
Diving Dolphins Shadow Embroidered Sundress 100% Cotton 16SU 5716SD
Product ID : grl_16_su_5716SD
Lydia Pink Pima 100% Cotton Daygown AYR 3728PK
Product ID : grl_ayr_3728PK
White Embroidered Clarissa Bonnet 3671BB
Product ID : gift_bonnett_3671BB